What people say !

“Cinco Coisas” Feedback (From shows in the UK and Brazil)

“The Show “Cinco Coisas” sent me, at the same time, to childhood and maternity in a simple and humorous way. The player demonstrates everyday life settings, engaging in a very clever way. And although it makes us laugh, it also makes us reflect the directions of education, how we were educated and how we will educate our children. We can identify with many of the proposed situations. “Cinco Coisas” is a noble, intelligent and delightful, very delightful show.” Regina Blanco (Actress and Drama Teacher in Brazil)

Cinco Coisas – by Thomas Farr


“A funny cuddle” Holly Stoppit (Teacher and Director of Devised and Improvised Theatre)

“Epic, Funny, Show” Child from the Audience

“I found the show very exciting. A condensed narrative about the difficult task of caring for a child. An unusual point of view, the clown’s eyes, the fantastic self-lyrical. I loved it.” Audience Member

“Lovely Act! Amazing feelings! Cool empathy! Loving the horse and the dance. Never seen a clown before. I am really happy that you made it possible.” Audience Member

“So many different emotions touched during the performance. I laughed a lot!” Audience Member

Clown Workshops Feedback 

Clown Workshop – Floripa, Brazil

“It is wonderful to discover at the age of 74 that inside of me there is a clown. I never laughed and had so much fun in my whole life as I did in this workshop…” Melba Echenique Proutiere

“The Clown Workshop with Bianca Bertalot took me by surprise! The activities she leads take the participants with freedom to discover their own hidden “characters” and bring them into reality. This is all possible due to her exercises and games lead with art, lots of creativity and lightness!”
Francisca Cavalcanti, Music Therapy Practitioner

“It was a wonderful experience that I will always remember. This workshop was the starting point for my discovery amongst other artistic languages , a big push for new skills. Thank you so much Bianca!” Léo DiMarte